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Project Description
This project lets you create on{x} ( rules using C# and take advantage of the IDE. It requires SharpKit ( which can be used for free for small projects like on{X} recipes.

The project currently supports version 0.53.0 (as of June 15, 2012), minus the feeds API.

It also contains support for the setOn{X} project v1.04 ( and TweetOn{x} ( See sample code in the "Playground" project.

Sample Code
[JsType(JsMode.Global, Filename = "res/On{x}.js")]
public class SharpKitPageScript : OnxContextBase
  static void Configure()
     Device.Screen.Unlock += delegate()
        var notification = Device.Notifications.CreateNotification("Hello world!");
        Console.Log("Hello World notification was sent to the phone");

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